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- The little round matTM
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What's a chum?

chum - noun \ˈchəm\ - "A close friend, pal." I am the little round mat that goes wherever you go.

I'm there
when you need me.

My unique shape and compact size makes me easy to tote around. Balance, sit, play. I'm here for you.

Check out My Specs

My reversible two-sided, textured surface provides you with excellent grip and a soft, natural feel for those hard surfaces. Closed-cell construction means I'm easy to clean and free of germs.

Diameter 22" (55.88 cm)
Thickness .25" (5mm)
Weight Just Under 8 oz.

Let's Be Fearless

Want to try something new? Handstand overlooking Lake Tahoe, or maybe meditate on top of a mountain? Let's do it!

I Care

I'm made from material that is recyclable and non-toxic, eco-friendly, and socially conscious.

Chum Mat for Pilates

I have a lot of Good qualities.

  • - Unique circular shape
  • - Reversible
  • - Extra cushy and grippy
  • - 5mm of cushion
  • - Light and compact
  • - A good listener
Chum Mat Yoga - Side Crow
Chum Mat CrossFit Handstand Push-up
The little round mat - Chum Mat
Chum Mat

Chum Mat

I'm the little round mat. I can't wait to meet you.

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Share how you use and where you take your Chum. It's amazing what you can do with the little round mat.

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